Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fashionable Female TV Characters.

Phew, I am home for Thanksgiving break, and I absolutely cannot wait for a little bit of relaxation, and some really, really yummy food (though I will most definitely be doing homework and projects while I'm home).
While I study and do homework, I always watch television...it's how I work the best, with some background noise. Lately, I find myself getting really inspired by the fashion that I see people wearing on television shows, which inspired me for this post =)

1. Carrie Bradshaw.
Even when her outfits are so wrong, they just work. For some reason, this gal can pull off absolutely anything, and even though people may hate some of her pairings, there is still that "wow factor" that the character possesses. She is comfortable enough in herself to show off her belly (though if my waist was that tiny, I'd be doing the same), wear a dress resembling a newspaper (I don't care if it's Dior, I despised it), and wears heels with absolutely everything - and as a girl who walks around NYC all the time, this is NO easy accomplishment. Love, love, love her.



I hated Petrovsky, but wanted him to buy me an Oscar de la Renta dress like this one:


2. Summer Roberts.
Have I mentioned I love The OC? ;) One reason I love it so much is all the perfect fashion choices for all the characters. Summer's boho style is no exception, and I found myself drooling over all her gorgeous clothes (except in the beginning of the first season when she was kind of slutty), even in the fourth season when she turned kind of hippie. She always looked pulled together and chic, but in an effortless sort of way.





3. Fran Fine.
I grew up on shows like The Nanny, and still love it to this day. While Fran's choices were always absolutely ridiculous and just out of control, the girl could completely and totally rock the short skirts that were 100% not work appropriate. They were loud, obnoxious, usually neon or an animal print, but still.... she worked it, and owned it, even the heinous ones.





4. Serena van der Woodsen.
I love how Serena has a boho-ish Summer Roberts type of style...with a million dollar budget. Her hair is almost always perfect, her style is always right on, and let me tell you, I was absolutely going nuts over her bridesmaids dress when her mom got married!



The bridesmaids dress that makes me unbelievably jealous:


5. Betty Draper.
I just got into Mad Men recently, and let me tell you, as big of a feminist as I am, I kind of wish I could be a '50's housewife so that I could wear those fabulous dresses! She is just beyond gorgeous, and a pretty tough cookie for having to deal with all the crap she goes through! And my mom said she can remember her mom having fabulous dresses like these, that she wore all the time a la Betty Draper.





6. Kirsten Cohen
The sweet head matriarch of the Cohen family, who dresses so mom-cute, but remains classy and perfect at the same time. Definitelyyy the same effect I want to have when I'm on a mom - very stylish without trying to be a teenager =) Plus, I wouldn't complain to having her body when I'm in my 40's either!





7. Cassie Ainsworth.
I love the British teen drama (that makes The OC and Dawson's Creek seem like child's play) Skins. I love everything about it, especially the character of Cassie. She's a recovering anorexic who loves popping pills, and is ridiculously out there, but she's such a lovable mess, with the quirkiest fashion sense (she has a penchant for gold tap shoes, that she wears all the time).





8. Mrs. Ari
The wife of the most terrible, but unbelievably perfect character on TV, Ari Gold, on HBO's Entourage. Her husband is ruthless, and yet he fears his wife - my kind of character! Since she's married to a super wealthy Hollywood agent, she is always dressed perfectly and never looks like she isn't put together.




9. Blair Waldorf.
Goes without saying. She is just perfect, never really wears jeans, and always looks just amazing. Her headbands are always in place, her style is always on point. Every time I watch an episode of Gossip Girl, I never think "What were they thinking dressing her in that?" Love Blair.





10. Marissa Cooper.
Another obvious on the list. She's another one who is (usually) pulled together, in unbelievably cute outfits, normally accented by Chanel bags or clutches. Her way of pairing outfits with perfect accessories blows my mind, and I feel like I usually sit and am just in awe of all the Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Prada worn in her day-to-day school wardrobe.





Who are YOUR favorite fashionable female television characters? (Maybe I'll do one on just males soon!) I know I'm missing a TON!

And how excited are you for Thanksgiving?! I'm excited for all the food, time with my family and J's family, and catching up on all your blogs =) I've missed you all too much. xox

Currently: Watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Nothing like a little mindless television to ease the pain of a brutal few weeks. And this bride is insane... it's driving me crazy how little she wants to budge on everythinggg! Right now she's bleaching her hair herself, and I am in pain watching. Omg, and she seriously just dyed her hair BLUE!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, the Horror.

I used to love, love, love scary movies. Like, I lived off of them and went to see them whenever possible. I loved the suspense of it all, biting my nails off out of fear, covering my eyes when someone popped out (holy crap, that is the worst part for me - I die inside when someone pops out from behind something unexpected).I kind of passed the point of loving horror movies when I watched Hostel, because it just seemed to lose the fun element... seeing someone get their eye blowtorched just isn't really my idea of a fun time (no offense to those of you who love it...to each their own).

While watching an especially suspenseful and fabulous horror movie the other day with J, I thought that in honor of Friday the 13th, I would put together a list of my favorite scary movies! So I hope you enjoy.

1. Psycho
Perfection. Brilliant plot, and in my book, anything by Alfred Hitchcock is a HUGE winner. I'm always up for a surprise ending (though I think that by now, everyone knows what the ending is). I have watched this movie a kagillion times. Plus, Anthony Perkins is kinda hot.

2. The Shining
Jack Nicholson is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I think for me, the scariest part is when his wife finds his stack of papers, for the book that he's been working so tirelessly on, and all it says is "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Ugh, I die. I think I squeezed my dog so tight waiting to see what would happen during the entire movie.

3. The Others.
I love me a good twist ending! And while I'm not the hugest Nicole Kidman fan, I just thought she was brilliant in this film. She played the part beautifully, and seriously, I still can't get over the way that the movie ended!

4. Rosemary's Baby.
A woman is drugged, and has the baby of Satan. Hello, all the proper elements of a wonderful, uplifting movie. Mia Farrow is perfect as Rosemary, and I absolutely adore the confusion she goes through - especially because everyone seems to know what's going on except for her.

5. Disturbia.
Based off of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window, the story of a boy on house arrest who is convinced that his neighbor is murdering women. He could seek out and find evidence, butttt unfortunately he is confined to his house and the perimeter around his house.
Let me tell you, I jumped more times in this movie...ohhh, goodness!

6. The Blair Witch Project.
First of all, for like YEARS (as in, until last year or the year before), I was convinced that this was a true story, and that all these people actually were killed. For a movie that was made for like, $10,000... seriously, it was amazing. I loved how a lot of things weren't shown, you kind of had to use your imagination for it all. So much worse!
If you haven't seen it, the whole premise is that these three filmmakers go searching for the legend of the Blair Witch in these backwoods. In the beginning of the film, you're told that the three filmmakers were never seen again, and their footage was discovered a year after their disappearance. Brilliant, brilliant strategy. And supposedly, before the release of the film, the filmmakers (who are indeed alive) had their families post missing persons signs around towns in New England.

7. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.
Quite possibly one of my favorite movies (I know, it's sick). The perfect story of a scorned woman who takes a nanny position for a family that she blames for the death of her husband. So, so creepy and unsettling.

8. Misery.
Could Kathy Bates possibly be more perfect for this role?! She plays Annie Wilkes, the "number one fan" of her favorite author who she nurses back to health after he has a horrible accident driving home in the snow. Sounds innocent enough, I know. Except she's absolutely insane and will do anything to keep him there.

What are your favorite horror movies? Are you into the slasher, blood and guts type ones, or more suspense (like moi)? And, was I the only one convinced that the Blair Witch Project was a true story?

P.S. I know this is like a broken record...this was quite possibly the hardest week I've had so far this semester, both personally and academically, so I apologize for not writing to any of you sooner! As soon as today is over, I'll be back to normal for a little bit! (I had 2 exams, a 12 page paper and a huge project all due today = / ). And on top of issues with my roommate and just being out of it, ughhh.
I love you all and miss you very much. xo!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Decorating Inspiration.

I dream of my future home. I can be such a whore for architecture, interior design, (cough, anything Martha Stewart does), even paint colors...I love it all.
I guess that one of the positives of me being close to being out on my own is that someday in the near future (unless of course, I'm on the street, broke as a joke), I'll be buying all my own furniture...picking my own colors for the walls of my apartment or house...hanging whatever pictures I want. This makes me happy beyond anything. (Well, maybe not happier than a plate of profiteroles and trashy reality tv in my bitchin' apartment...or happier than curling up in front of a fireplace with a good book...or happier than when J plans a surprise and I have absolutely no idea what to expect....but really, you get the point, thinking of the future of how my home will look is very high up on my list).

I've been browsing a lot of people's Tumblr accounts lately - mostly in severe procrastination because I have a horrible case of senioritis that just won't be quenched. I have been going CRAZY saving things to my inspiration folder from all these wonderful people's accounts.

So many of the things I've been saving have related to interior design or decorating, and seriously, I can only hope that one day I will be as talented, or have an eye like some people do. I'm blown away by the color choices, inventive painting or furniture, and the love that goes into these rooms (I do not know when I got so freakin' cheesy!).

I always thought I had a really classic and almost boring style when it came to decorating - my bedroom at home is just a very light yellow (I think it's called Sunshine yellow), and the wall behind my headboard is sage green. Nothing too crazy there! My parents style of decorating is classic as well, so that's all I've grown up with - no crazy art, no crazy colors - very plain and simple (but pretty and tasteful). When I was looking through all the pictures I had selected, I saw that most of them had really bright pops of color, or interesting designs that definitely weren't things I've always considered loving, which makes me even MORE excited to decorate and figure it all out =)

I LOVE the chandelier in the bedroom. Hot, hot, hot. (And I realize there are no pops of color in this, but I do think that it just works, even if it is plain).

I'm a big fan of having a chalkboard in the kitchen...like a huge one, maybe on the pantry door. In high school, one of my friends had one on her closet door and I was BEYOND jealous. I think it's such a fun idea!

Or this one:

This is an example of something that I don't think I'd want in my own house, but for some reason, I'm totally drawn to it:



If I ever have a little boy, hello, could this be more perfect?! (Not that I'm planning this right now)


Cutest. Laundry Room. Ever.



Love this little nook:

How are your homes decorated? Are they more fun and modern, or like mine, more classic?

I'm sorry for my absence...things got so hectic! I miss you all, and love you. xox, look forward to catching up!